Why eu support religious groups?

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It’s a rainy Sunday today. I’m laying down on my bed thinking about yesterday’s attack in iran.

An arabic terrorist group have attacked to an event and killed 24 people plus many injured. They call themselves ahwaz freedom group or something like that. I don’t really understand how some people would try to kill other humans and believe that they are fighting for a bigger purpose. Yeah I know most of soldiers and people around the world are brain washed but how is this possible?

How does it feel to be like them? Let’s take isis for as an example. The leaders of isis know they will eventually get killed or cut the support from outside(governments) right? Or do they think that they are going to win with those terririst attacks?

Well I guess some think that they are going to some heavenly lands when they die. Yeah i think this can be an issue with religion again. It’s a tool to raise fools.

Let’s think about western countries who support killers and groups in middle east or other places. What do they gain from it? Ok they sell weapons, they get economies going, they get more refugees, what else? Can’t they earn money without violence? I guess it’s just easier for them to keep people busy with these wars. Something like 1984 novel, there is a relentless enemy far away that you have to worry about.

Im just thinking is there an alternative way for west to maintain the power without killing? I think I don’t have enough information to process it at this moment. But I shall look for more.

I wish I could just forget the whole thing and be free of these dirty politics. It’s really hard to ignore the news when your friends and family are there.

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