Where to dance in the Netherlands

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So you’re new in Netherlands and wanna dance and have fun during your stay in the city. Well you are so lucky! As you might already know, there are many places to dance in Amsterdam. But it might be seem hard to find the right place at the right time. I’m gonna help you for this by recommending some clubs or websites that are getting updated everyday for this matter.

Entrance fee varies from 3-10 € but if you’re lucky you might find some free places (gratis means free in dutch). Or would you like them to pay you for your great dance show?! No, I’m just kidding, please pay that fee…

  • If you are looking for some latin dances such as salsa, bachata, kizomba or merengue, there is a website http://www.salsa.nl they have an agenda which declares tge date, city and entrance fees of all latin parties in The Netherlands.
  • If you’re like me and looking for a tango night (milonga) in amsterdam / netherlands then the best place to look is: http://www.tangokalender.nl

Remember to call the organizers and ask for confirmation before going the whole way to that place and see that it’s canceled or there is just not enough people. Almost all of them have whatsapp so it wouldn’t be a problem.

If you are just looking for a night club kind of dances, well there is just too many of them around in big cities. Most of them don’t ask you for entrance fee or only ask it on weekends. Normally It wouldn’t be more than 5-10€ plus they would charge you 2-5€ to keep your jacket in closet. A little bit of google and reading the reviews of places would help you a lot.

If you know other websites or places that are good please write it in comment section below.

Have fun dancing!

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