They taught me to be sad.

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When I was just a kid, I didn’t know how to be sad.. I didn’t know why would someone envy you..

When my grandfather died I was 10. I did not cry, I was confused why other people are sad and expecting me to be sad by their looks!

I remember that I told my parents why are everyone crying? Don’t they believe in afterlife? Grandpa is in a better place, I don’t understand these people.. Well it was my first logical ideas towards becoming an atheist.

As I grew older, more and more I became like others. I learned how to be sad, I learned envying at my 20s. Still regretting it though, life was better without that feeling. It’s a whole different story by tge way.

Well now that I’m in Netherlands I feel like I’m alive, wish I could be here sooner and live a better life than wasting my life by fighting those idiots in my old countries.

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