The Netherlands has been ranked as the ninth-best country globally for raising a family

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According to a recent ranking by Enjoy Travel, the Netherlands has been ranked as the ninth-best country globally for raising a family.

What are the best countries for families’ quality of life?

According to Enjoy Travel, as the priorities and cost of living have changed after the coronavirus pandemic, families all over the world are reassessing their options and searching for countries and communities that offer easy and inexpensive access to education and childcare, low crime rates, and policies that support families.

In an effort to identify the countries that provide the best quality of life for families, Enjoy Travel conducted a study that evaluated more than 100 countries globally, giving each country a score based on the following six categories.

  • Global Safety Index
  • Healthcare
  • Median Salary calculated by the OECD
  • The cost of renting a home
  • The United Nations Education Index
  • The availability and duration of parental leave

Nordic countries dominated the top five, while European countries including the Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland made it into the top 25, which may not come as a surprise.

The Netherlands is a highly regarded country for families,

Ranking ninth globally with a score of 115 out of 125 according to a recent report by Enjoy Travel. The country is appreciated for its education system, which is individualized for each student, and the available parental leave for fathers and partners. Although the Netherlands scored lower in the Global Safety Index compared to other countries, the happiness of children and the education system are seen as strong points. This is not the first time the Netherlands has received recognition as a top country for family life, with prior reports ranking it as the best country for child well-being by Unicef and 11th best country to raise a family by Asher & Lyric.

Ranking of the 10 Best Countries for Family Life

The top 10 countries, in order, as per the ranking are:

Norway, Singapore, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Poland, Germany, New Zealand, the Netherlands, and Czechia


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