Suicidal guy in almere azc

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I think It was 2 or 3 days ago, I and my friends were riding our bikes to the centrum of Almere when a guy stopped us and asked us to call the cops. He said Mr S is not feeling good and might jump from the bridge.

We looked at the signs and tried to give the correct address to emergency line. Then pass the phone to a dutch guy who were also there and left the area.

This morning we saw the same guy in azc (refugee camp). He was hitting the door and crying, screaming loudly. I’m not sure what he was saying but I could guess that he’s been swearing.

Then 4 cops came and took him in their car. Well I hope he’s better now.

I feel really upset today as the major headlines of dutch news are about “dutch government stops supporting terrorist groups in syria” they have supported few groups that are recognized as terrorists internationally and funded 90m € for them. Governments support different groups like this to do a proxy war there and when it comes to refugees that have fleed because of the same war, they take them so hard. This is not humanity, this is just mass murdering of people and discrimination of races.

Well the real issue is that I’m kinda tired of politics, I have lost my trust in European governments as a free liberal Democratic countries… But well what can I do? There is no another place where I can be at the moment.

But I know that there are also many people who are against war and discrimination here in Netherlands, we are far from the day that everyone can live in peace. Until that day don’t trust any government.


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