Political asylum seeker in Germany faces deportation

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A delegation of German diplomats led by Dr. Christian Klos, the German Interior minister in charge of migration on Wednesday had audience with Vice President Ousainou Darboe at State House, GRTS reports on Wednesday.

The German diplomat, speaking to the press, acknowledged that The Gambia is enjoying peace under the new dispensation and therefore its migrants in Germany seeking political asylum have no chance.

He said Gambians traveling to Germany should do it legally as migration is allowed.

After a closed door meeting with Vice President Ousainou Darboe, Dr. Christian Klos said that the two parties discussed migration at the period The Gambia is witnessing mass deportation from Germany.

Dr. Klos said most Gambian migrants in Germany fled political prosecution and are seeking asylum and since the Gambia is now peaceful, they will either have to accept voluntary repatriation or face forceful deportation. Dr. Christain Klos was, however, quick to add that there are many Gambians in Germany living legally, some attending school and others working. Migration, the German diplomat said, is acceptable and should be done legally.

The visiting German delegation also had discussions on migration with The Gambia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs prior to their Wednesday visit to the Vice President, Hon. Ousainou Darboe.

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