My life in Netherlands

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This is my pretty first post on this website. I don’t expect anyone to read it though I just like to start typing.

I bought a bluetooth keyboard few days ago and connected it to my tablet because I don’t have a laptop or pc anymore. But the real reason is that I really miss the sound of typing..  sometimes I just turn my tablet off, I grab the keyboard and start pushing the buttons on it just to hear it’s sound! Am I getting crazy? well, who knows, I feel better anyway after those dark days of my life, I finally feel safe to be myself.

What about other people? The ones that are left behind, the ones that I know or I don’t. People who still are in danger Or the ones that got here somehow but still suffering from depression and psychological problems?

This is the reason I’ve created this website. Maybe It can encourage some people to get help, maybe it’ll help to make a little sound. Who knows the future, maybe someday this website would turn to a major organization to help to make a better world.


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