Internet censorship in Netherlands

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It’s not a news that internet is censored by many governments such as China , Iran, Turkey, saudi arabia and many others.. But censorship in Netherlands? Well this is something that many people wouldn’t want to believe!

Back in zeewolde azc we had a really good internet because half of the camp was rented by polish workers (economic refugees). So basically they couldn’t limit the internet because of polish ppl.

Well now 11 refugees camps in Netherlands is closed as they are trying to reduce the size and the number of refugee camps in Netherlands. Unfortunately zeewolde was one of them.

I’ve visited 4 different camps and ran some tests for their internet, the bad news is its all blocked and censored. As an example the inrernet in Almere has a speed of 200 kbit/s and its even slower than many countries that we call third world countries. But the real issue is its censorship. Why would anyone block certain websites in Netherlands?! Isn’t it an example of free country?

Well someone should be able to answer this right?!

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