Getting BSN number in Netherlands

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Getting your BSN number (citizen service number) is the second most important step if you wanna live and get a job in The Netherlands. well let’s see what is BSN number for:

  • Opening an account in any bank
  • For Tax stuff
  • Renting a place
  • Geting a job
  • and many other things

As for Refugees, COA (centraal orgaan opvang asielzoekers) has to get you an appointment with city hall (Gemeente) in your city. they’ll send you a mail which declares the date and the documents that you need to take with you to the appointment.

For refugees as far as I know:

  • You’ll need your dutch ID,
  • A copy of your passport (if you have it).
  • Your interviews with IND
  • Bring any documents you got with you, in case they ask for more

The meeting takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour, depends on your situation like if you got your proof about your Name, Date of birth, Civil status or if you know dutch/english else they will get you a translator etc…

Please note that if you are a refugee and living in a camp (AZC), you are not counted as a normal dutch citizen. So you cannot walk in Gemeente and get your appointment like others do. You have to ask COA to do it for you. There is this stupid bureaucracy process that even if you wait a month for your appointment with all the documents mentioned above, they will not give you anything. As it happened to me before, I got my Randevu with Gemeente and asked COA to give me any papers necessary for that. Unfortunately, they told me they cannot help me because I tried to take things in my own hand. I went to the City hall with all the documents they asked me except a paper that COA did not give to me. So they failed to help me for BSN number and after that, I had to ask COA to get another appointment in the next few months…

“van het kastje naar de muur sturen” its a dutch proverb which means: from the closet to the wall.

Anyhow, I hope you know what is BSN number now and how to get it. If you had any questions or experience like mine please share it in the comments section.

see you next time!

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