Choosing between US invasion or Iran’s discatorship

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The last couple of days were really stressful for me, not just because I was born in Iran but because I got friends and families over there.
My first reaction was to understand why US attacked a high ranked enemy now, while they could do it in last 20 years or so? What has changed?
Soleimani was active for years in the region.
Then I remembered that US elections are near and they needed to focus on a new enemy. They needed to take away the focus from climate change and jungle burns to something else. They needed people to fear from ww3.

In other hands US helped Iran’s regime for its purposes and propaganda. You may have known that iranians and Iraqi people had big protests against their governments last months. So many people died or got arrested in both countries.
But now after these last events they are afraid of having another war. Some of them are defending the regime as they think local dictator is better than US invasion (as we can see in labia, syria, Iraq, Afghanistan etc).
Ps. The elections in Iran is also near, so they try their best to keep the enemy.
It’s like a pinball game US attacks then Iran hits then US hits again and it goes on forever…

About my personal experiences.
I read about the missile attacks of iran on Twitter of Iraqi friends. It was a few minutes before big news agencies.
I panicked and my first reaction was texting my friends and families in Iran telling them what’s going on and that they need to be ready to leave to a safe place as I thought the war just started.
I can’t explain how scared I was, thinking about thousands if not millions of people dying in the region as it’s like one piece of wood. I thought about refugee waves, I thought about people dying on their way to flee the region. Not even Europe would have been safe anymore. It could really ignite ww3.

What’s next:
I don’t know what is going to happen as I’m not a politic analyst. We don’t have enough information to make a conclusion. We don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes, for example Iran has told Iraqi (therefore US) about the attack before they send the missiles.
But what I can openly say is that humanists and ExMuslims in Iran are so disappointed. To grasp the fact of what I’m trying to say, I’m gonna write down a tweet from one of them:

“We have to choose between a regime who wants to execute us and this blond fat guy who is going to bomb us to free us.”

What can we do:
We should let them know that it’s not black and white only. We as exmuslims and humanists are neither supporting iran’s regime nor US invasion. We are against any kind of war in the region. Changing the regime is only possible within the country.

There are even atheists who are supporting war, because they are not paying attention to the situation, we should educate ourselves and other, that:

War is never a lasting solution for any problem.

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